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Pictures, not snaps: 2

Turn your snaps into pictures: 2

Sunset Middlesex

Be selective

O ne of the most common faults in snapshotting is – what? Clutter. In front of me there was a lot more than I included in the picture. More silhouetted trees, a house, a winding path across the foreground, two figures, walking.

Suppose I had included them all. The beauty of the tree would have been lost. Don’t clutter your snap with unnecessary things. Isolate the thing that caught your attention in the first place.

Turn the snap into a picture.

Pictures, not Snaps: 1

 Turn your snaps into pictures

ApplesA few rules that really work.

A kitchen table, late Autumn afternoon sun from window.  I’d just walked in to make a cup of tea – and there it was. A ready-made snap. But I cleared some odds and ends away from the dish, crouched down to get a good balance of foreground and dark background, collected the camera and turned the snap into a picture.


More soon.