words for singing

Paul died on 16 May 2014. He leaves a legacy of lyrics and verse that will be cherished for many years.
Working with established composers, Paul writes words for both School and Church choirs. He writes also for the church congregation, words that are essentially singable and always in the traditional style. He welcomes requests from music teachers and directors of church and school choirs; if an existing tune is be used, this also is welcomed.

    For almost 40 years Paul was a copywriter in industry, eventually moving from technical writing to advertising.
    With two books of light verse to his credit he had never thought of writing a hymn. His Choirmaster, David Iliff, waylaid him one Sunday after Morning Prayer and told him he had realised there were very few hymns about the scriptural topic of 'the fruit of the Spirit' and would he have a go at writing one. The result was the hymn May we, O Holy Spirit, bear your fruit, which now appears in several hymn books.
    Many composers, including David Iliff, the one who persuaded Paul to try his hand at writing lyrics, have set his words to music; the majority, however, are set by John Barnard.
The main hymn collections in which Paul's work appears are, in alphabetical order of publishers:
Animus:  Samuel! (Cantata)
No Small Wonder (sheet music)
Canterbury Press:  Ancient & Modern
Common Praise
Worship Songs Ancient and Modern
Come Celebrate
Gresham Books:  The London Oratory School service book
Hodder and Stoughton:  Hymns for Today's Church
Carols for Today
Kevin Mayhew:  Sing Glory
Novello:  Christmas at Kings College, Cambridge
Oxford University Press:  Merchant Taylors' School Hymnal
Royal School of Church Music:  The Carol Book
The Carol Book Supplement

NB: Fees negotiable. All lyrics Copyright © Paul Wigmore.